07 December 2016

Shichigosan 2016 for Aila!

This year, Aila turned 3 which means SHICHIGOSAN PICS! 

We went back to Laquan in Kichijoji because the quality of their pics, costumes, hair and makeup, and studio is just amazing. On the way to the studio, Aila said she wanted to wear a purple kimono, but once we got there, all she could think about was playing with the toys in the play area. She shouted out "Blue!" and then ran away to the toys lol. So blue it was! Reia chose a blue kimono to match, and the only kimono they had in my size happened to be blue too! So that naturally became the theme.

Aila was a bit shy at first and didn't want to be by herself in front of the camera, but she soon forgot about that once the cameraman started pulling out toys to make her laugh! She got right into it and we got some GORGEOUS shots! I'm so happy with the way they turned out! 

Taiki fell asleep right before we went upstairs to shoot, so we were a bit worried, but we let him sleep for about 15 minutes and after that, he had enough energy and smiles to get a few good shots.

The girls looked so stunning. Aila was the cutest kid ever and Reia looked so grown up! I walked in while she was getting dressed into her yellow gown and putting her jewellery on and it immediately conjured up images of her getting ready for her wedding, standing in front of a mirror and looking oh so gorgeous! Aila's cheeky grins and quirkiness can really be felt in the pictures. They absolutely capture exactly what my girls are like! Fun, silly, playful, shy, CHEEKY and happy. 

The next pics we take will be when Reia turns 7!
Until then ;)

26 November 2016

Taiki at 7 Months

Our little boy is past the 6 month mark and is making his way towards 1 year. Time is going by so fast, I can't believe it! 

Developments so far:

He can sit by himself now. He still topples over to the sides of the front, but for the most part, can sit up straight.

He is slowly learning how to grasp onto things. He still smacks and thumps things when he is excited or is trying to explore things.

He is a lot hungrier now so I need to supplement with formula and also give him his solids.

I can't give him a lot of solid food though because he gets constipated really easily, so I usually feed him solids, then wait a couple days for that to come out before giving him more so that he doesn't get blocked up.

His first tooth has cut through! Finally, all the drooling amounts to something! lol He had a fever one night and was screaming at about 2am. We tried everything to calm him down but nothing was working and he didn't go back down until about 5am. It wasn't until we were at church that day that I felt his gums and sure enough, the tip of a tiny tooth had popped through. Must have been painful because the poor thing was crying so much!

He can't crawl yet, but he can lift himself off the floor with his arms in a poised position. He can also pivot and swirl and roll around on the floor to where he wants to go.

He stares at people when they eat. Without blinking O_O

He developed a little rash on his cheek when his tooth popped out so his left cheek is a bit scaly.

It snowed today! His first snow! He wasn't quite sure what he was looking at, but he liked it. It snowed for about 12 hours straight, but we didn't get to take pics because most of it melted. Hope to take pics when it snows next!

He has gotten a bit more clingy. Usually when I put him to bed, I'll roll him over and he'll suck his thumb and fall asleep. But now he'll roll over, suck his thumb, then roll back towards me and grab my arm, eyes wide open, just to make sure I'm still there lol. I remember Aila used to do that a lot too.

He chews on everything he can get his hands on! He loves standing up by the coffee table and smacking it wildly. Basically, if he can't grab something, he'll smack.

His favourite game is the classic peekaboo. He loves playing underneath the blankets and uncovering his face to see me :D

I love him!

24 October 2016

Taiki is 6 Months!

Half way to ONE!
This month seemed to go on forever for some reason! Taiki has gotten really active lately and is starting to become a little bit of a handful!

Here are some of his developments for this month:

He can roll both ways now which means he will roll all around the room until he finds something interesting to naw on. Last week while I was cooking dinner, he became fascinated with the internet and tv cords and had a good naw and slobber all over them! Gotta keep my eye on this little guy now.

He can't quite sit upright yet, but is getting used to sitting. He will always lunge over and grab something in front of him and then gets stuck because he can't pull his body back up lol.

He loves to stand and hold on to the coffee table. He will slip over to the side, so I still need to support him but he LOVES to stand.

For some strange reason, he doesn't love to stand in the Jolly Jumper. I think maybe he gets lonely or because the doorway is a bit out of the way and he can't see or do much. He hasn't really gotten into the jumping aspect. He just kinds stands and kicks and slips around.

He can pick me out of a crowd and once our eyes lock, he will wail until he can get back to me.

He can put himself to sleep with the help of his little thumbs. He has gotten way better at taking the dummy and bottle now which should make bottle feeding easier if we ever need a babysitter.

He has gotten so much hungrier in the last couple weeks so I started him on solids. First food was apple sauce which he LOVED and tried grabbing the spoon out my hand to shove more into his mouth. I have tried other baby foods, but the ones he likes the most are the soft jelly kinds that are easy to swallow without much mouth action. I tried a pumpkin one once and he kept gagging because it was a lot thicker than the apple and fruit kinds. So for now we are just giving him soft fruit and soups. He really loves his food! 

Still such a smiley boy! I still haven't heard him have a really good laughing fit yet. He laughs for a while but he isn't in hysterics. Can't wait for that!

He loves playing peekaboo under a blanket and will rip it off his face to search for me. He thinks it's hilarious.

He got his BCG immunization last month which was sad :( It's the 9x9 stamp one. The Doctor did it on the underside of his arm though so hopefully it won't be an eyesore in the future.

It is getting colder now so we have pulled out all his hand-me-down clothes, some of which I have been saving since I received them from Jun's sister for Reia to use! It's nice to finally be able to use them because I have always envisioned using them once I had a son, and now I can!

His hair is getting really long now at the front and on top, but is still kind of thin at the back. Don't know when I'll cut it. Maybe when he's one. We'll see how long it gets!

He loves to hold on to my face and look me in the eyes.

He doesn't poo that often. It's as if he saves it all up for that one big release! lol 

He wakes up at night a lot now. Sometimes he rolls out of bed (futon) and gets stuck on the side or is cold because he kicked his blankets off. Most of the time he is just hungry, but he gets SO impatient now when he sucks and the milk hasn't come down yet. He hates waiting and gets frustrated and pulls on me :( So so tender right now tmi.

Well, here's to another month! I can already tell that he is going to be an active one! He is curious and cuddly, and handsome and hangry!

Love you my boy <3

26 September 2016

Taiki is 5 Months

This month just flew by! Only 5 months down and already he is looking pretty chunky!

Here are his developments for this month:

He flails his arms around a lot now and has started trying to grasp on to things (which is what I think the arm flails stem from). He smacks my face with his little fists until he is able to cling on to my eye or a nostril lol.

He rolls over on to his tummy and can prop himself up with his arms now, but only to the right! He can only roll to the right. He's going through a Zoolander phase.

He loves standing up (with help) and looking at people. He gets all excited and waves his arms around wildly and smiles uncontrollably.

Aila has gotten really interested in him lately and will always ask me to show her his face. She loves kissing his cheeks and showing him her toys.

He is really good at sucking his thumb, I'm already dreading the weaning process.

He had his baby photoshoot today and got dressed in a kimono and a tuxedo! He was a little sleepy so it was harder than normal to get him to smile, but we got there. His sister's had the best time dressing up in princess gowns and having their hair and makeup done!

He got his BCG immunisation shot today, the BIG one! The 9x9 stamp one :( He didn't cry as much as the girls did, but he was still very very sad.

He can stand and support himself on the coffee table. His knees buckle sometimes and he slides off every now and then so I have to watch that he doesn't dong his head, but he is getting better!

He cries and stares at me when he wants to be picked up. Even if he can't see me, he knows my voice and will cry if he hears me.

He looks at us when we eat and seems really interested in food. Just another few weeks or so and I will see how he likes solids.

I had to take his passport photos this month and attempted to do it by myself this time. These are some that didn't make the cut, but are still cute :)

Still the smiliest baby ever! He loves faces and will try grab onto them. His motor skills aren't there yet but he is getting better at slowly opening his fingers and wrapping them around the things he wants.

Love him to bits and love watching him grow :)

17 September 2016


I like to make lists, especially lists of things that need to get done that day. I also like to prioritize my list and put the more important things at the top and the things that can wait a bit, at the bottom. I hardly ever get to finish everything on my list for the day because things will come up and disrupt my pace. For example, Aila might spill a cup of juice all over here and will need to get cleaned up, Taiki will need to be fed and put to sleep, or Reia might want to read 2 extra stories at bedtime. The things on my list usually get pushed back and added to the next day's list. I hardly get to finish everything on my list and feel like there are never enough hours in the day! 

Taiki's baby photoshoot at 4 months in a kimono
Near the beginning of this month when I was running errands and doing chores, I noticed how Reia or Aila would desperately try to get my attention while I am cooking or cleaning to show me how well they can act like a wiggily worm or will want me to look at something funny on tv. After a couple years of this, these kinds of things have become background noise and I am now slow to react or answer. I can't hear it very much anymore because I am so used to it. Well one day, I was folding the laundry and along comes Aila doing her wiggily worm, and after squirming around me for a while I stopped and asked myself, where on my list does is say to spend time with Aila today? Where does it say to spend time with Taiki? Or Reia? Or Jun? Where on my list are they? Near the top with the top priority tasks, or near the bottom with the tasks that get pushed over to the next day? I stopped what I was doing and gave my full attention to Aila. It felt different to when I play with Aila normally. This time she was a priority and I noticed and appreciated more things about her. I did the same with my other kids and husband too and knew that they need to be put on my list and at the top!

The girls loved getting dressed up and felt so pretty! Taiki looking sharp in his blue tux.

Spending time with each other on purpose should be on all of our daily lists!